Auction for Efficiency III Unbreaking III

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  1. 700 to start things off
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  2. off to bed. let's get some more bids in here!
  3. only one more hour until thecontroller wins the pickaxe
  4. i got 1 to :) for minimum 500r!
  5. Why are enchanting so cheap now?
  6. you dont lose xp on death now
  7. no we're talking!
  8. I WIN!!!! Alright I'll pay you now!
  9. sorry i bid 23 min before it was over :p
  10. thecontroller's payment has been refunded and michael_nolan still leads with 1000r
  11. should there be no more bids and you win, i wont be able to set up your chest until sunday afternoon
  12. any thing is fine
  13. Is this still going on? If so, I bid 1,500
  14. i think you missed it by 30minutes. in that case the auction is over and michael won. ill get the chest set up as soon as i can get to my pc with minecraft on it.
  15. ok ill pay u now
  16. smp1 v 2153 i just had enough time to set it up
  17. nevermind. i havent received payment yet so i will sell up the chest later this afternoon.
  18. k thx just payed