Auction for Efficiency III Diamond Pickaxe New

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  1. This was a L50 enchantment, Brand New. :/ Open for 20hours, highest bidder wins.

    Unbreaking III Also Available. Ask if you would like an auction.
  2. NIce. Bidding closes in about 13hours.
  3. Bid increments must be by at least 75r. Sorry forgot to add the rules. :confused:
  4. Next offer must be at least 525r.
  5. oh snap. Btw awesome did you harvest my wheat?
  6. Bidding closes in 2.5 hours.
  7. awsomeantz1 bids 1.15. Anymore bids?
  8. 1.15 thats less then me
  9. 1.25* Sorry :)
  10. Congratulations awsomeantz1 :p Pick it up on my utopia res ;) Effic 3 remember?
  11. Oh and pay me 1500. lol