Auction for Efficiency 3 and unbreaking 3 Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. Auctioning a diamond pickaxe Efficiency III and unbreaking III. Leave your bid here. Highest bid will get it.
  2. really?! 850
  3. *sigh* 1.4k
  4. Sorry Terr... I know you've been plugging away since the start of this, but...

  5. Bitfed you make me rage :( 1.6k
  6. E3U3 is still a good deal at 1.6k

    I think I'm stepping out though.. Not officially though, and I'll still be watching.
  7. OMG thank you! i was afraid you were gonna jack it up again
  8. And really tschakcc?! 1750
  9. you.... 1825