Auction for Diamond Shovel Unbreaking III

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  1. -The enchantment
    Diamond Shovel Unbreaking III
    -Bid will start at 200 Must increase by 100

    -Bid ends 24 Hours after last bid. Must pick up after paying at Smp3 /v 6016
    -Any fake bids will result in you not participating in any of my other bids.

    Only Rupees.

    Auction closed winner is Joshposh70 with 300r bid .
  2. VSKiiPz bid aint count he fake bidd in other my auction so leading bid is from avrilphille with 200r
  3. If none will bid in a hour winner will be Joshposh70
  4. Congratulations winner with bid 300r Joshposh70
    Diamond Shovel Unbreaking III
  5. Ok, Set up a chest for me with it in at your res, I've paid.