Auction for beginners

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should i make another one?

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yes 4 vote(s) 100.0%
no 1 vote(s) 25.0%
you are awesome for doing this! 2 vote(s) 50.0%
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  1. I'm making an auction for beginning members to get items that will help them with future ore hunting and or monster hunting if you would like to join it will be on 7/21/12 at 1:00PM eastern time this auction contains no diamond items but consists of three chests
    chest one-
    stone pickaxe
    stone axe
    stone sword
    5 bread
    3 mushroom soup
    10 coal
    one furnace
    one crafting table
    20 torches
    20 wood
    chest two-
    stone pickaxe
    stone axe
    stone sword
    10 bread
    5 mushroom soup
    2 porkchop
    2 steak
    15 coal
    one furnace
    one crafting table
    30 torches
    30 wood
    full set of leather armor
    chest three-
    iron pickaxe
    stone axe
    iron sword
    15 bread
    10 mushroom soup
    5 porkchop
    5 steak
    20 coal
    one furnace
    one crafting table
    40 torches
    40 wood
    full set of iron armor
    mind that there is no trading and it has to be bought with rupees on the spot and this will be held at 6613 on smp 3. Good luck
  2. if anyone wants to join please say here so i know how many eople will be there!
  3. Be smart
    auction it on
    the forums
  4. i will be giving rupees to anyone who is not on smp3 to open their vault to saftly transport the items
  5. The " beginner auction " Has to be approved by A mod first.
  6. See rules;

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  7. could i still do it or is the auction off?
  8. if ice cream cow doesnt respond the auction is off
  9. This sounds like a terrible game.
  10. it not that its just i didnt read the rules :p
  11. So you don't read the guide? D=
  12. i do but i did not delve in too deep
  13. the auction is most likely off right now so there was no point i tried!