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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by micma, Feb 9, 2013.

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  1. Aikar dropped some Treasure Slips on SMP9 recently. I am in no need of mine since I don't use vault often. What This slip does, is gives you a free vault page. If you have already bought a Vault page you get a third one. You are only able to get 2 vault pages when you are free, but with this, you get three vault pages in a free account. Starting bid is 5k rupees and please bid in increments of 500r. Auction will end 36 hours after last bid. Happy Bidding!
  2. Is this valid?
  3. Verifying that this is legit. Winner can redeem it to Max or I and we will increase vault page by 1.

    Note: while the raw value of this is 10k since that is the price of the page, you could consider it worth a little more since itll let you go over your vault limit... so free players + Iron may want this :)
  4. Oh. Yeah what Aikar said. It will only expand the page by one
  5. Reminder*** There only a few of these in EMC!
  6. Just the sheer value of having one is cool... trust me.
  7. You can get one for 10k lol
  8. Seems like it
  9. yeah but its about the value. Its like the honus wagner baseball card, its a piece of cardboard but its a multimillion dollar piece of cardboard because there are only a few... just like this.
  10. True, True.
  11. As well as the famous Babe Ruth autographed picture.
  12. Yeah
  13. But back to the auction... 10k is the highest bid so far.
  14. Micma you should have just sold it for 10k as nobody will pay more.
  15. .... Did you read Aikar's post? You can go over your vault page limit with these....
  16. Um... Well If you have read the previous posts there is more value to it. Obviously not to some.
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Not open for further replies.