[AUCTION] Flaming Mob Laucher Limited Edition Item

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  1. Item: Flaming Mob Launcher Limited Edition Item Celebrating 60,000 Empire Members

    Starting Bid: 4000 rupees

    Minimum Bid increments: Raise Bid By At Least 100 rupees

    Auction Ending Time: Auction Will End 24 Hours After Last Bid
  2. Pick Up Will Be At My 1st Residence On Smp8
  3. Neonkillah wins the auction the access chest will be upstairs in my house on my first residence on smp8
  4. There's still like 20 minutes on the auction, lol. I didn't win yet.
  5. Ok Then Im Going To Give xHaro_Der The Win With 14k If Anyone Else Wants To Bid Do It Now Please Otherwise He Can Have It
  6. Scrap that last thing XD
  7. xHaro_Der You Win Pick Up Is At My First Res Your Access Sign Will Be Added To The Chest Upstairs In My House Once The Amount Has Been Paid
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.