[AUCTION] Flame II God Bow

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  1. Auction item: Bow enchanted with power 5, unbreaking 3, infinity 1, flame 2, punch 2
    Starting bid price: 5000r
    Minimum bid increase: 100r
    Auction ends 24 hours after last valid bid.

    Made using the rare drop of an Enraged Skeleton.

    Item will be mailed to winner upon payment
  2. is it used ?
  3. If it was used, it's invalid. Items can only be auctioned unused.
  4. thx for the info
  5. 8.5k... Is it renamed?
  6. No, fresh new Bow from mob upped to full God Bow.

    Free renaming included if you want it :)
  7. 8.6k that flame 2 was very painful in pvp i want it :p
  8. According to the times listed this is Sold!

    Please pay the 9100r Shinslist and the Flame II God Bow will be mailed to you.

    This would be in 6-8 hours time if paid.

    Also, if you would like it renamed, please tell me here immediately upon payment. I will make it exactly as you say.
  9. Still waiting Shinslist :rolleyes:
  10. Im logging in to pay lol. Its been a long drunken weekend sorry for the delay
  11. Paid! and no I'll take it as is no need to rename it
  12. Mailed! Enjoy the bow.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.