[AUCTION] Flame 2, Inf Mending God Bow

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  1. Want a super rare Bow that has enchants you cant even add together anymore?
    well then look no further!

    This bow will sure make a statement within your promo collections and grab EVERYONES attention.
    this is an uncraftable bow, that as time passes, becomes even MORE rare!

    Take this opportunity to garb yourself a ultra rare GOD BOW before they are all out of EMC circulation!

    Items: Flame 2, InfMending God Bow
    Power V
    Punch II
    Unbreaking III
    Flame II
    Starting bid: 5000r
    minimum bid increment: 1000r

    Auction ends 72 hours after last valid bid!

    Pickup and preview at /v 2232 (smp1)

    Enjoy! :)
  2. 361,000r
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  3. 366k :eek:
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