[Auction] [fixed] Village of 3456 Villagers (DC of villager eggs)

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  1. Auction item : DC of Villager Eggs
    Starting Bid: 10000r (10k)
    Minimal Bid Increment: 1000r (1k)
    Auction Ends: 48 hours after last vaild bid
    Pickup : access chest at SMP9 18766 , or delivery anywhere on EMC (+100r)
    Fixed. Sorry for mess , was so tired.... ;)
  2. 34,567r
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  3. BUMP.
    Bushyspecialk auctions for 10,00202546296296r per egg. :)
  4. 50,000r
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  5. I assume that is 51 sets of 1,000r :D

    In which case: 55 sets of 1,000r!
  6. Want to split 50/50?
  7. 58k... cmon let's split 50/50 deadmaster98 ;)
  8. BUMP. I am okay with splitting, if person with highest bid win the auction as usuall :)
    (unless someone is planning to make village empire ;))
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