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  1. As far as I know this is a first for EMC. This took a lot of time and research and it comes out to 1DC of named horses and 1DC of Written Books. Also I ask that whoever wins this auction keeps the horse with it's corresponding written book if you sell/gift any of the horses.

    What I did was scour the internet for famous horses and named/color coded them all(some are not the right colors because the coloring doesn't exist in minecraft). This may not seem so special except I also included a book for each horse with their personal history.

    Among the horses included are Historical Warhorses from around the world, Racehorses, a few from older tv shows, and one mythological horse.

    Items Being Auctioned: 1dc of Horses and 1dc of Matching Written Books
    Starting Bid: 10,000Rupees (10k)
    Minimum Bid Increments: 250Rupees
    Auction End Time: 48 Hours after last valid bid
    Pickup: SMP5 / Residence 11015

    Horse Auction 1.jpg
    Horse Auction 2.jpg
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  2. Forgot to add the horse names so here is a list.

    -Incitatus(not promo)
    -Black Bess
    -Little Sorrel
    -Old Nelson
    -Brown Beauty
    -Red Fox
    -Noble Flaire
    -Old Bob
    -Little Texas
    -Lucy Long
    -Nellie Gray
    -El Morzillo
  3. Where are all the stats? All stats have to be listed on every horse in an auction :p
  4. really? that's going to take a while, the stats are not the focal point of the auction though.
  5. lets start this off 10k
  6. In the rules.
  7. well then, i have more typing to do :p
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  8. Updated with horse stats

    Name (speed,jump,HP)
    -Matsuzake (101.14,69.54,20.13)
    -Marengo (93.31,75.45,22.58)
    -Copenhagen (94.01,74.17,23.61)
    -Traveller (92.73,73.48,21.92)
    -Rocinante (90.45,75.34,23.38)
    -Comanche (91.79,63.55,21.25)
    -Blackjack (90.74,70.51,24.10)
    -Winchester (85.09,69.77,19.69)
    -Haleb (96.39,77.10,21.61)
    -Cincinnati (100.79,62.22,24.11)
    -Reckless (88.15,65.39,21.03)
    -Incitatus(not promo) (90.62,67.67,24.43)
    -Hidalgo (106.17,71.07,22.14)
    -Black Bess (93.44,69.64,22.75)
    -Chetak (84.76,72.18,22.09)
    -Lexington (94.52,71.46,23.75)
    -Little Sorrel (78.67,71.01,21.75)
    -Ajax (87.97,62.31,22.43)
    -Babieca (95.87,70.58,22.79)
    -Trigger (105.76,60.43,21.16)
    -Hannibal (91.36,68.30,21.01)
    -Llamrei (96.73,63.75,20.94)
    -Magnolia (90.36,73.55,22.52)
    -Bucephalus (92.82,69.75,22.55)
    -Old Nelson (102.05,68.31,21.76)
    -Palomo (82.81,77.79,24.55)
    -Shadowless (95.68,71.15,19.69)
    -Rienzi (101.24,70.49,21.24)
    -Brown Beauty (99.79,68.68,24.85)
    -Diablo (94.28,71.38,21.89)
    -Red Fox (96.40,67.59,23.46)
    -Noble Flaire (102.43,65.16,24.25)
    -Lancer (96.95,72.64,22.91)
    -Romeo (91.64,74.57,20.56)
    -Lisette (111.37,68.51,22.07)
    -Old Bob (105.11,72.21,22.82)
    -Little Texas (96.79,72.02,22.52)
    -Pegasus (95.15,72.14,21.86)
    -Methuselah (92.11,70.49,21.12)
    -Blackie (80.82,70.86,21.75)
    -Kidron (97.21,71.49,21.33)
    -Kasztanka (96.41,71.15,21.00)
    -Burmese (92.65,64.71,22.28)
    -Aldebaron (90.49,68.57,20.22)
    -Fire-Eater (96.35,66.67,21.92)
    -Lucy Long (119.80,69.02,24.00)
    -Nellie Gray (95.67,74.77,20.75)
    -Streiff (84.68,72.01,20.94)
    -Asp-i-Laila (97.81,61.45,21.30)
    -Beauregard (110.87,68.71,20.80)
    -Boomerang (115.81,66.05,20.47)
    -Celer (87.25,68.60,22.92)
    -El Morzillo (104.77,68.78,19.77)
    -Kit (99.06,69.40,22.47)
  9. OK now that all the kinks are out and 3 hours have passed, the op is the main auction info and the post above this one with the spoiler is the rest of it. The current active bid is 10k from lndo.
  10. 11 quadrillionths of a million million million rupees
  11. Assuming this is 11k and valid bid..?
  12. You forgot a famous horse, Afires Heir
    (look it up, it is a famous show horse, best of all my Aunt is the one who owns him :) Afires Heir won 4 national championships in a row (I think) and hold that world record or something)
  13. Maybe..... Or maybe I just bid 11 million rupees...... or maybe it isn't valid at all....
    the world may never know
  14. Uh the world should know so some people CAN place a valid bid ;)
  15. As a hint to you, it's not advisable to make bids like that, because joke or not, you have to stick to it.
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  16. Or is it.....
    Nobody knows if they need to bid 11250r, or 11000250r...
    also, nobody knows how much im crying inside right now
  17. What Rainbow was politely saying is that if you joke bid or place many unnecessary posts in an auction that is not your, there are severe repercussions such as having the ability to use auctions taken away from you.
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  18. Well, the bid wasn't a joke. And It was only polite to respond to people who address me. But fine, my bid Is 11k.
  19. 11250r
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