[AUCTION] EXTREMELY huge mineshaft w/ 10 spawners! Starts at 70k and +3k min.

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  1. Owned by Runningrhino and 5chris100
    Well, this might be the biggest accomplishment in Empire history. As the title says, this is literally at least 2k-3k blocks wide/long, and about 40 blocks deep. (Wow, thats at least 160,000,000 blocks!) But we're not done there! There's 10 untouched monster spawners in the shaft also! (Note: Untouched means that the spawner block is not broken. This does not apply to the Mossy Cobblestone/Cobblestone and Cobwebs found.) Also, one of the Zombie spawners (by the entrance) is a grinder! :D But, wait, Chris! What's the price for all of this? Well, thanks for asking! (No problem. ( ._.) ) All of this is going to be auctioned off on the forums! The starting price is 70k, and every bid has to be at least 3k... The winner is determined 72 hours after the last bid... Good luck everyone! :D

    DISCLAIMER: (Oh, great... The "important" stuff... ( -.-))
  2. Hahah... Disclaimer didn't make it in there, so here it is! :3

    DISCLAIMER: (Oh, great... The "important" stuff... ( -.-))
  3. This isn't a valid auction. Please reread the guide and contact a mod to close this.
  4. Hey chris. would you please ask me next time before you started this? We needed to talk about it first
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  5. sorry... go on smp2 and we can talk :p
  6. :0
  7. You can't "auction" stuff like this. There is a thread somewhere about how we handle Spawners. But you may sell locations....
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  8. If there is an existing grinder on the site, and you didn't find and build it yourself, it may not be included in the sale. That's just wrong...
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