[Auction] escd Christmas Shovel

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by SteveClasher, Jan 9, 2015.

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  1. Screenshot (11).png
    I'm auctionning a escd promo. (unused proof in the pic)

    Start bid 1r
    raising bid 1r
    24h after this post is created the auction ends (9:40pm) emc time

    I will mail it to the winner of course but AFTER payment is made to my account SteveClasher, it will be send in 24h at max.

    Good Luck and happy new year ! (one week late I know :p)
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  2. Ewwwwww windows 8

    It's okay I use it too :p

    1 rupee.
  3. 2 r
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  4. I had to vote to get to this bid... 3r
  5. Windows 8.1* Get it right....
  6. Is there a way to tell? (Based off the picture)
  7. Well then I am out :p
  8. Me too
    Windows 8.1 put in a start menu button instead of just going to the corner
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  9. Also, from just looking at the picture I can tell:
    Your on Windows 8.1, program or have a server, live in Europe, modify pictures, use internet explorer, have some sort of youtube channel/record yourself, and more.
  10. :eek:
  11. 1,501r, now everyone log off and let this thread sit in silence.
  12. *places silent bid* 1505r
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  14. *places higher bid silently* 2,000r
  15. *loudly places bid* 5000 r
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Not open for further replies.