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  1. Im auctioning a epic enchatment pack suitable for all your needs! The pack will contain the following:
    1X Iron Chest - Projectile Protection III
    1X Iron Axe - Unbreaking III, Efficiency III
    1X Iron Pick - Silk Touch I
    4X Diamond Pick - Silk Touch I, Unbreaking II, Efficiency II
    1X Diamond Pick - Fortune III, Efficiency IV

    Auction Ends: 72 Hours after last bid
    Start Price: 100r
    Minimal Increasement: 100r

  2. 1.000rupees
  3. any higher? cmon lets get this started!
  4. 1.6rupee? 1.6k? 1.6 Million? 1.6 Billion? 1.6 Tacos?
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  5. Tacos :D
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  6. Should i bid??
  7. I smell a ban.
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  8. 4,000 Rupees <--- my ONLY bid. anyone gets 4,100r and im out of the auction.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.