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  1. Enchantment Auction
    (All items are Diamond and unused)
    4x Unbreaking 3 picks
    2x Efficiency 4 picks
    2x Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 4 Picks
    1x Unbreaking 3 Efficiency 4 Fortune 3 Pick
    Misc Tools
    1x Unbreaking 3 Shovel
    1x Efficieny 4 silk touch 1 axe
    1x Looting 2 fire aspect 2 sword
    1x sharpness 3 sword
    1x Smite 4 Fire aspect 2 knockback 2
    1x Prot 3 Leggings
    1x Prot 4 chest piece
    1x Prot 3 boots
    Starting Price: 3k
    Minimum bid increments: 100r
    Auctions details: The auction will end 48hrs after last valid bid.
    The items will be picked up on my res 10317 on smp5 once the payment is made

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  2. you fine if i start at 1750?
  3. Startingbid 3k. 3k!
  4. back on topic do i hear a 4.5k?
  5. good morning bump before school
  6. At first I was wondering about that. But the only thing he got wrong was a proper thread title. The rest of the op is in an understandable auction format.
  7. Yeah I copied a little too much :p
  8. I have fixed it... He is new to auctions :)
  9. lol yea sorry bout that title its the one thing i forgot :p
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Thread Status:
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