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  1. So my mind is pretty much made up.. I'm going to make a hotel, on SOME server. Probably SMP1. Idk yet. But to kick start this and raise a few rupees.. i have enchanted a few items.. what we have up for grabs are these..

    1 Fortune II
    2 Unbreak III, Effenciency IV

    1 Fortune II, Eff IV
    1 Eff IV
    2 Unbreaking III
    1 Unbreaking III, Eff IV, Silk Touch
    2 Eff IV, Silk Touch
    1 Unbreak III, Eff III, Fortune II
    Total Number of Picks: 11

    1 Punch II, Power IV
    1 Punch I
    1 Infinity I, Flame I, Power IV
    Total Number of Bows: 3

    1 Protection IV
    1 Projectile Projection IV
    Total Number of Armor: 2

    1 Punch I
    1 Infinity I
    1 Fortune II
    4 Sharpness III
    2 Smite II
    1 Sharpness II
    1 Bane of Arthropods IV
    2 Protection III
    1 Fire Protection III
    1 Fire Protection 4

    Bidding Starts at 2k
    Increments of 500r
    Ends 24 Hours after last Bid
    Have Fun, and thank you :D

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  2. Bump! This is some good enchants!
  3. Is jkrmnj going to get this for a steal?
  4. The Minner leading with 5k
  5. Minne
    Wow you just got a steal xD Anyways.. ill set you up access at 2524. Youll just have to drop down from spawn point.. because im working on hotel
  6. Says i have no move perms
  7. Ok you should have now.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.