[AUCTION] Enchantment Books, Enchanted Armor, & Enchanted Tools!

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What Should I auction off next?

Horse eggs with speed of 107 or more? 3 vote(s) 60.0%
5 DC of Oak Wood? 2 vote(s) 40.0%
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  1. Hey guys I'm auctioning off 31 enchantment books, Enchanted leather dyed armor, and enchanted Tools and weapons! :p
    Starting Bid: 5k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 100r
    The auction will end 24 hours after the last VALID bid! ;)

    Here's the info on the items and their enchants:
    | | |
    V V V

    Enchantment books:
    x9 Sharpness I
    x9 Efficiency I
    x7 Power I
    x2 Aqua Affinity
    That is a total of 31 enchantment books!

    Armor Enchantments:
    (NOTE: Leather Dyed armor)
    Helmet: Protection I
    Chest Plate (tunic): Protection I, Unbreaking I
    Pants: Projectile Protection I
    Boots: Unbreaking I

    Tools & Weapons Enchantments:
    Sword: Sharpness I
    Bow: Unbreaking III, Power III
    Axe: Efficiency I
    Pick Axe: Efficiency I
    Shovel: Efficiency I
  2. Five kay
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  3. Just so you know you actually have 27 books not 31. 9+9+7+2=27
  4. I forgot About the 4 Protection I enchantment books, sorry. so its actually 31 books, I just forgot to mention the 4 protection I books
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  5. well, I'm assuming golddigger221 is going to win due to the action on this auction...:p Where's the bidding? lol..jk
  6. gold digger you won!!
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