[AUCTION] Enchanted Wooden Sword

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  1. So im auctioning of an enchanted wooden sword....it is enchanted with knockback I, so you can fend off dem mobs....

    Starting Bid: 1r
    Minimum Increment: 1r
    Ending Time: 16 hours after last valid bid

    Please Note: Proof is attached.

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  2. no offense, but ur not going to make much

    1r :p
  3. Enchanted Items
    Enchanted Items can be auctioned off in any quantity. You may mix multiple types of enchants/tools. You must list every item's enchantments, including enchantment name, and level, and they all must have full durability.
    Invalid auction
  4. Nvm, go on, 4r
  5. Its meant to be a joke xD
  6. Sorry for the bumps but 4r is leading bid :p
  7. Oh XD i thought u were serious
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  8. This is a real auction, its just meant to be funny.
  9. I paid you for the auction, and 50r for your /mail fee :)
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