[auction] enchanted weapons!

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  1. items:
    diamond enchanted swords;
    sharpness III, knockback II
    sharpness IV, knockback II x2
    sharpness III, fire aspect II
    sharpness III x2
    sharpness IV x2
    smite V, fire aspect II x2
    smite III x2
    smite IV
    knockback II
    knockback II, bane of arthropods IV
    unbreaking III, sharpness V, knockback II, looting III, fire aspect II
    iron enchanted sword;
    smite I, knockback I
    enchanted bows;
    power I x13
    power II
    power III x2
    power IV x2
    unbreaking III, power III x2
    unbreaking III, flame II, power II
    flame I, power III
    punch I, power III

    starting bid:
    1,000 rupees
    minumum bid increment:
    500 rupees
    auction end time:
    24 hours after last valid bid
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  2. 2k
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  3. 5.5k
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  4. 10k
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  5. 12.5k
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  6. 15.5k
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  7. 16.5k and im out
  8. 19,910r
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  9. Well it seems I have won the auction. I will pay as soon I can get online prolly after midnight tonight.
  10. oh, forget to post pick up.. smp7, my 4th res. in the batwayne cavern, top floor. i'll put your access sign up now :)
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