Auction: Enchanted Pickaxe!

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  1. It's my turn to make money! :D
    We have an unused Enchanted Pickaxe with Fortune III and Unbreaking III on it. Here's the way it works, for those of you who are unfamiliar:

    • If you take my pickaxe from the chest and do not pay me, I will ban you forever. :)
    • My pickaxe will be available to the Auction Winner on my Residence on SMP3
    • The Auction will last for 12 hours after the last bid, and is extended every time a valid bid is placed.
    • There IS a reserve price, though I doubt you people care. :p
    • You cannot increase the bid by 1r, you have to increase it by AT LEAST 10% of the previous bid. If it is going for 15000r, the minimum price you can raise it by is 1,500r. No exceptions.
    • If you bid with money you do not have AT THE MOMENT YOU BID you will be disallowed to join in any future auctions.
    You want a screenshot to prove I actually have the item?
    Then don't bid.
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  2. The bid stands at 5,000r held by tshack235 (For those of you that didn't see.........)
  3. Yay for money! :D
  4. i just bought an enchanted pick level 1 fortune level 2 efficiency and unbreaking (its a diamond pick) and only for 1500r rupees. yes 1500r not 15ooor, 1500r XD
  5. .... is there a relevancy of what you just posted to this thread?
  6. meh, i dont know
  7. Moderators are Makin' bank! :D
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  8. *And a bit overdue at that! :)

    Shaun, you have won the Pickaxe and I will set up a chest for you in a very short moment. Congratulations!
  9. Yay, thanx crazy!
    I'll transfer rupees just prior to collecting tool, I'm away from home for a few hours but I'll be back soon. :)