[Auction] Enchanted Junk (Not really junk)

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  1. Items:
    Diamond Pickaxes:
    Efficiency IV
    Unbreaking III Silk touch I
    Unbreaking III Fortune II Efficiency IV
    Unbreaking III Efficiency IV Silk touch I
    Unbreaking III x 2
    Sharpness III x 3
    Protection III x 2
    Efficiency III
    Efficiency IV
    Fire Protection III
    Feather Falling IV
    Infinity I
    Smite IV x 2
    Projectile Protection IV
    Diamond Axe:
    Efficiency IV Unbreaking III
    Diamond Swords:
    Knockback II BOA IV x 3
    Fire aspect II
    BOA IV Looting II
    Smite IV Knockback II Fireaspect II
    Knockback II
    Sharpness III x 2
    Sharpness III Knockback II
    Sharpness III Fireaspect II
    Sharpness III Knockback II Fire aspect II
    (breathes hard)
    Starting Bid: 2,000r
    Minimum bid Increments: 500r
    Auction will end 48 hours after last bidder has bid
    Pick up at 3842, I will have an anvil you can use for the books.
    Happy bidding. :)
  2. Sorry 6k then
  3. Dem hidden posts... 8k
  4. Bump for the night FrozenForger winning 32 enchanted items for 8k...... what a steal!
  5. Well, since im not going to win the other auction I was bidding on, 8.5k
  6. Bump Silverman2 winning at a low 8.5k for 32 items so on approximation that's like 200-400r per item!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.