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Would you count the one sword as a god sword?

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Yes 3 vote(s) 27.3%
No 8 vote(s) 72.7%
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  1. Items:

    The picks:
    3 efficiency IV picks
    1 fortune III, efficiency IV, and unbreaking III pick
    1 fortune II and efficiency IV pick
    The armor:
    Helmet: Protection III and Aqua Affinity I
    Chest Plate: Fire Protection IV and Thorns II
    Leggings: Blast Protection IV
    Boots: Protection IV

    The books:
    1 feather falling IV
    1 blast protection IV
    1 protection III
    The swords:
    1 smite IV
    And I saved the best for last:
    A diamond sword with: Sharpness III, Knock back II, Looting II, Fire aspect II, and Unbreaking III

    Auction ends: 12 hours after the last bid is placed
    Starting price: 2k
    Minimum bid increase: 200
    Pick up info: Res 7075 on smp3

  2. Please ignore the 4th book to the right I removed it because it wasn't meant to be in there (it was just punch I)
  3. 6,6k my stuff :(
  4. 10k MY STUFF
  5. I may be way late putting up the access sign (about 12 hours)
    Sorry for this I have school.
  6. Ok thanks please give me time to put the access sign up
  7. can you do it soon? its been way more than 12 hours
Thread Status:
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