[AUCTION] Enchanted Iron Axe

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  1. Item: Enchanted Iron Axe
    Quantity: 1
    Enchantments: Unbreaking III; Efficiency III
    Starting Bid: 750r
    Minimum Bid Raise: at least 250r
    Pickup location: 3470 on smp2
    Auction end time: 24 hrs. after last VALID bid
  2. Not making any negative remarks here but when doing auctions think about a realistic price. Iron is worth about 5r. 3 ingots in a pic. Unb III is the equivalent of 4 pics. 60r of iron. Do you think that a 150% speed boost on a single use tool and the convenience of having only one item to carry increases the price by over 10 fold?
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  3. That may be the case, but it his auction, not yours.
    He is free to put the price to whatever he wants.
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  4. starting bid lowered to 500 and minimum bid raise lowered to 100
  5. You didn't have to do that...
  6. Where did I say had to change the price. People are supposed to learn from mistakes, but where does it say you can't give the, a nudge in the right direction.
  7. Who knows, 750r might just be the right direction.
    Crazier things have happened.
  8. Common sense says it is not.
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  9. starting bid lowered to 450
  10. Bump.
    Starting Bid lowered to 250r since no one has bid
  11. I will say 250 for be nice
  12. bump yet again
  13. padde73 wins with the bid of 250r. Please pay the amount then you can pick up the axe
  14. I've paid you
  15. ok. I will set up the sign for you
  16. you may pick up the item now
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Not open for further replies.