[Auction] Enchanted Iron Armor

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  1. Selling full set of enchanted Iron armor on smp6.
    To reserve a price/make a bid, post here.

    Starting price is 600r, must increase by 100r each.

    This is my first auction, so I am hoping to get lucky!!

    Ends 24 hours after last bid.

    -Sorry but I am on my iPad, and forgot what enchantments they have... will post a pic in thread ASAP!
    -When bidding, note your SMP server and res details.
    -If you win, leave a chest on your res with acces for MissMadison910 (me, duh).
    -Good Luck!!!

  2. umm, sorry if I am to sound rude or anything maddy, but why Iron armor? use diamond =), but just 'cause its iron armor ill get it for a friend 600r
  3. Still need to be out-bid in the next 20hrs!

    And thanks, but I only have one set of enchanted diamond armor at the moment, so keeping it.
  4. lawls I meant the iron armor