[AUCTION] Enchanted Diamond Picks and More

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  1. Hey all!
    Auction Items: 7 efficiency 2 diamond picks, 1 unbreaking 2 efficency 2 diamond pick, and a blast protection 1 thorns 1 diamond chestplate.
    Starting Bid: 300 r
    Minimum Increase: 50 r
    Auction End: 24 hours after final bid
    Pickup Location: Pickup the stuff at my res on smp5 (10421). Press the More TPs button and then press the auction button. A chest should be there with access given to the winner. Start a conversation with me if you have any issues! Thank you!!
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  2. 800 :D really need more picks agian, planning to mine and build stuff again ;)
  3. 1.2 K (if anybody wants to split PM me)
  4. No splitting. Thats just too complicated. :S sorry.
  5. Lol nvm. Palmsugar admonished me. Splitting I guess is allowed!! :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.