[ AUCTION ] Enchanted Diamond Armor

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  1. Diamond Helmet: Protection IV, Respiration III
    Diamond Chestplate: Protection IV
    Diamond Leggings: Protection IV
    Diamond Boots: Protection IV
    Diamond Pickaxe: Effciency V
    Diamond Sword: Sharpness III
    Bow: Flame I. Punch I, Power III (Comes with 3 stacks of arrows)

    Condition: New
    Total of 7 items
    Starting Bid: 3000
    Minimum Bid Increments: 500
    Auction Ends: 24 hours after last bid

  2. 12k
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  3. i would bid up to get on pab's nerves but sadly all of my r are invested. Ill get u next time pab10s
  4. Lol.
    He just went to 12k =}
  5. .......i know thats why i said what i said....... lol
  6. Aye. If yer don't like it, ya can delete the bid, matey.
  7. i would delete it if i could BELEIVE me
  8. Na lol :)
    I would never do that
  9. Anymore bidders?
    Pab10s is in the lead with 12k
  10. Dang I want to bid soo bad but I only need 2k more to get 100k but I want a nice suit of armor.:(
  11. just go ahead and bid please :))
  12. If you got all that money, then it must be easy to get it back!
  13. Your half way there untill wining!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.