[AUCTION]Enchanted Bow and Enchanted Axe

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  1. 2013-04-29_08.25.50.png 2013-04-29_08.25.45.png
    1-60k member enchanted axe (Unbreaking IV, and Efficiency V)
    1-Infinity I, Power I Bow

    Starting Bid: 1,000r
    Minimum Bid raise: 500r
    Auction End time: 48hrs after last valid bid
    Item pick up: 3470 smp2
  2. wow lol, didn't think I would see them being auctioned off this quick
    let's just see how much higher these go above 12k

    oh, and 5k
  3. Bump. RainbowChin in the lead with 5k. This pack includes one of the special 60k member tools, plus a normal enchanted bow! You people MUST bid
  4. Bump. RainbowChin again in the lead with a bid of 6.5k rupees. Not much over the original selling price of the special item in this auction
  5. gibba
    Mentum iris in plumbo cum sex millia quingenti rupees

    In case you dont know what that means, it is latin. It says: Bump. Rainbow Chin in the lead with six thousand five hundred rupees
  6. 13 hours until rainbow chin wins with a bid of 6.5k rupees.
    I think more of you CAN bid. Those who can bid more, but don't want to are LAZY
  7. I think I have won this
  8. no. look above. Creepy bannana bid 6.6k yesterday
  9. Erm no
    My bid of 6.5k
    He bids with an increase of 100r
    The minimum bid increase is at 500r, si his bid is invalid, meaning I win.
  10. I did not realize that! Thanks for pointing that out. You do win. I will have the access sign up for you as soon as you pay
  11. And paid.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.