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  1. These are 5 enchanted books with the enchants:
    1. Feather falling 3
    2. power 1
    3. efficiency 1
    4. projectile protection 1
    5. unbreaking 1

    starting bid: 500r
    minimum increase of 100r
    ends 36 hours after last valid bid
    pickup will be on my res on smp1 or I can deliver to you.

    2013-06-27_17.33.18.png 2013-06-27_17.33.18.png
  2. Bump before bed
  3. 500r to get you started
  4. Nightly bump
  5. Another bump
  6. bump again
  7. Bump. Is general going to win?
  8. I think?
  9. 1 hour left until general wins?
  10. You won general. Once you pay I will set up a chest or deliver to you.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.