[AUCTION] Enchanted Books-Weapon edition

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  1. List is as follows:

    3 Smite V books
    3 Sharpness V books
    3 Knockback II books
    3 Bane of Arthopods V books

    Bid starts at 5k, please increase bids by no less than 250r.

    Auction ends 24 hours after last valid bid.

    Pickup will be 10853 on SMP5, i will set up an access chest after auction won and payment received.

    **PLEASE NOTE: I normally play in the evening/night EST due to my son, I try to play after he goes to bed, If I am delayed in setting up access chest I will PM winner directly**

    Thank you and happy bidding! :D

    2013-12-01_13.16.54.png 2013-12-01_13.16.58.png 2013-12-01_13.17.01.png 2013-12-01_13.17.04.png
  2. morning bump
  3. Bump... this is still low!!
  4. Bump. Gollark is winning with the bid for 5k!
  5. Just over 2 hours and gollark will win this is going cheap! Bump :)
  6. Gollark you win. Please pay and I'll set up an access chest at 10853 for you. If a mod could close this that would be wonderful :)
  7. gollark please pay by tonight...you have won the auction
  8. I can't get onto my computer ATM,I will pay ASAP.
  9. That is fine thank you for letting me know :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.