[auction] Empire Firework!

Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by Hades4000, Jan 14, 2013.

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  1. i know i should wait to sell it but i recently died because empire was lagging and the chunks of a path above lava weren't loading. i was then glitched off the side into the lava. i only got this firework about a fortnight ago but i really need the cash. make sure you play on smp4 if you wish to buy this because the vault is currently unable to transport the items to other servers as it will lose its data.

    Starting bid: 18,000
    Minimum bid increase: 500
    Ends: 24 hours after last bid
    Pickup: 8510 go in the batcave on the left of spawn. at the back there's a chest.
  2. Please be aware that you can only sell this firework to players on SMP4 - they will not be able to vault it across to other servers due to the bug that makes books/fireworks lose their values (which I'm guessing that you're aware of). :)
  3. yes i am. sorry forgot to mention that. :)
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  4. Why is this in community discussion?...
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  5. This is actually a good deal. If you get this for 18k now then in the future when there worth about 50k you would make a major profit. Sadly i cant bid on it because i dont have 18k.
  6. 18k also y is it in community discussion?
  7. i have absolutely no idea. . . . .

  8. Mustve pressed wrong one. . .

  9. woot i won! ill pay when i get home from school
    how long do you think it will take to set up the chest?
  10. yes u won michael ive recently reset my res so ill set it up asap
  11. ill put a chest there for u right now. also this is on smp4 if u didnt notice.
  12. ty for the firework!
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