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  1. Starting Bid:19k
    Mininum Bid Rise:1k
    Pick up:18559 Smp9
    Ends Exactly 24 Hours after last vaild bid
  2. EMC voucher? What is this? Also, something tells me your price is overpriced.
  3. Auctions are supposed to start low.
    Could you lower your starting bid?
  4. 11k Starting Bid
  5. what's a voucher?
  6. I'm 99.99% positive that it's a free vault page voucher.
  7. Dude ill bid 10k it is not worth 19k
  8. i'll pay 11k
  9. I'm pretty sure it's a vault voucher, they're worth 10k or less...
  10. i just want one :D
  11. Try doing /vault help. You can get a page for 10k - unless you just want the page, there's really no point paying 11k for it.
  12. I believe (I may be wrong) the vouchers are free vault page vouchers that let you get a free page OVER your limit. There is no other way to do this, apart from buying supporter for a month. Assuming I'm right, this means they're worth WAAAAAYYYYY more than 10k. Just so people know.
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  13. Let me rephrase that: An extra page to your vault is 10k. A voucher is the exact same but you have to contact a mod (or maybe senior staff/admin... I'm not sure).
  14. I'm not sure about regular members though...
  15. Regular members can own 2
  16. slash with 12k and it is worth 19k if ur reg member
  17. I'm pretty sure no matter what type of member you are, a vault page is 10k :p
  18. It's worth the extra amount to normal members because of their 2 page restrictions. Since these let you go over that people are willing to pay the little extra.
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