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  1. bump of bumpiness
  2. Delivery is free. As soon as I get payment, where would you like me to deliver it to?
  3. Also, can I deliver it tomorrow, central?
  4. ummm, sure I guess. after 1 EST
  5. K. Where should I put it? Ill just drop it on the ground and let it despawn. :)
  6. NO! ill set up a chest 4 u
  7. access chest set up
  8. LOL. Jk.

    Now seriously:

    K. Where will it be?
  9. my res left from the spawn
  10. I mean the chest. Where on ur res
  11. to the left of my spawn
  12. I'm just curious to know as to why, this item went to 20k Rupees. When it only allows you to gain a Vault Page, when you can purchase those for I believe 10k Rupees, but you're limited depending on what Supporter you are, but if there's any of reason why it went above the asking price to just get another Vault page, I don't understand why... Other than to just say they have "that" item. :p ( Sorry, was just curious. Congrats selling it though. )
  13. If you are at your vault page limit, this can still increase you a vault page.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.