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  1. Starting Bid: 85K
    Bid Increment:
    Auction Ends 24 Hours After Last Valid Bid
    Pick Up From SMP9 Res 18823

    Turkey Slicer UNUSED
    Holiday Pick UNUSED
    Rudolph UNUSED
    Salta UNUSED
    Valens UNUSED
    Incitatus UNUSED
    Empire Firework 2013
    Independence Day Firework
    Stable Voucher


  2. Won, let me know when I can pick up.
  3. Well, time for me to sleep. If you will be on tomorrow night, I will look for you. If you want me to pay ahead of time and you will set up an access chest, let me know and I will pay.
  4. smp9 res 18823 be there when paid thanks
  5. All paid up, all picked up!
    Thanks BTH! Was a pleasure to meet you!
  6. Thanks buddy, pleasure to meet you im sure to come pop onto smp7 and seeya sometime
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.