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Do You Want This?!?!

Yes!!! 18 vote(s) 72.0%
Yes!!! 20 vote(s) 80.0%
Yes!!! 16 vote(s) 64.0%
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  1. Items: Un-Used Valens Horse, 2013 Empire Firework, 2 Beacons,
    1 God Bow*, 9 Silk Touch Diamond Pickaxes!!!

    Starting Bid: 30,000 Rupees (Please Note this is very cheap, so please don't complain about price in this tread.)

    Minimum Bid Increments: Only raise bids by at least 2,500 Rupees.

    Auction E Time: Auction will end exactly 48 hours after the last bid has been posted with no other bids after it.

    Pick-Up: 3890 on SMP2.

    *The bow has enchantments of: Power 4, Unbreaking 3, Infinity 1, and FLAME 2!!!

    Happy Bidding!!!
    2013-12-07_20.48.40.png 2013-12-07_20.48.41.png 2013-12-07_20.48.42.png 2013-12-07_20.48.53.png
  2. I'm on too big of a spending spree can't stop now 30k
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  3. Haro that's pretty mean. 35k
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  4. 37.5k Its on. :p
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  5. please delegate all splitting talk to pm's it is an unnecessary bump and clouds up auction threads confusing other players
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  6. Thank you :D
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  8. Totally knew that 40k
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  9. Bump (I know its a little early, but its the last chance ill get to do it for a little bit as I wont have internet access and my phone service is VERY slow, so sorry for early bump)
  10. Bump come on now, its worth some more than this, how about some more bids guys, ok? :)
    Also anyone who's not iCurtis23 is losing the auction :)
  11. Bump, come, this is starting to get boring for me :(
  12. PSST, I don't think anyone can outbid me :)
    or they haven't remembered :p
  13. Lol, but you haven't won quite yet
  14. I know. just saying. tomorrow at 10:43 AM, I win :) (EST)
  15. Lol, but you haven't won quite yet
  16. Will an admin delete this and my double post please, thanks
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