[Auction] EMC 4th of July Firework!

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Which is worth more?

Poll closed Sep 9, 2013.
Auctioning Stable Voucher and Labor Bench together? 5 vote(s) 35.7%
Or auctioning them seperate? 9 vote(s) 64.3%
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  1. Item: 4th of July EMC Firework (item is soulbound).
    Starting: 10,000 rupees.
    Minimum bid increase: 200 rupees.
    Ending: Saturday, September 7, 11 AM EST.
    Pickup: Res 3794 on Smp2, unless you want it delivered, either one is fine with me.
    And of course, Happy Biddingz!
  2. Bumpz. I know this is a plain old EMC firework, but keep in mind that it is most likely rarer than the iday firework, due to the special text that the firework has.
  3. I know this is worth 10k, correct me if I'm wrong. Second Bumpz.
  4. IMO it is worth 10k but some people don't bid if it starts too high. For example I'd bid on a 5k starting auction for a stable voucher even though it's worth like 10k I'd bid because if I won for 5k I'd get a great deal. Now if somebody were to outbid me, say 10k then I would outbid them even though it's more than market price, simply because I want to win. If the starting bid was 10k however, I would have never bid in the first place.

    That's my auction logic, some may do something different but for the most part that's what I do..
  5. Starting bid now lowered to 6k.
  6. To help some people understand I would call it a 2013 Empire Firework. The Emc 4th of july firework in the title makes me think your auctioning a Iday firework. Hope this helps with the auction.
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  7. Ok thanks for the clarification cowland. Nightly bumpz.
  8. Bumpz 2. Auction ends Saturday, 11 A.M. EST.
  9. Nightly Bumperz. xHaro_Der currently in lead with 8.5 k, still a little less than 38 hours to bid!
  10. 11,2k
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  11. 17.5 hours left to bid!
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