[Auction] EMC 2012 Firework!

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  1. Item: EMC 2012 New Years Firework

    Starting Price: 30,000

    Minimum Bid Increments: 1,000Rupees

    Auction Ends: 48 Hours After Last Valid Bid Is Posted

    Dont post complaining about price. They wont be in stores for another year if they even sell them again. The price for these will only go up so get it while you can.
  2. I do not think firework auctions were ever approved.
  3. no? ill check it out thanks
  4. i dont see anything. Ill ask
  5. Its allowed but you still cant vault them so auction is canceled. if you won it you wouldnt be able to really get it
  6. i dont think it is worth 30k yet maybe in 3 month it will
  7. once the vault gets fixed and they can go from server to server i think the price will go up
  8. they sell for 50k already
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  9. o rly then im selling mine 250k come at me people
  10. seliin mine for 200k :p
  11. lol i bought one for 18k XD trying to get some off of my server while I can
  12. The Firework is already 80k-100k at SMP1 I believe..
  13. Good to know thanks
  14. They're definitely not worth 100k yet :)
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  15. Who ever knew this would be worth a 230,000 rupee profit.
  16. I thought i wasted all my money on these :D
  17. i think the price will drop because not many people have that much rupees
  18. Lots do....
  19. plenty of rupees around. lots of good shops getting people good rupees
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