Auction: Effiency IV Diamond Pick

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  1. 4000r no wonder ur name is crazy
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  2. Well i'm out enjoy
  3. So it's this much valuable? cos I got 1 too. :D (I'm not selling it :p sorry)

    Do you got a Fortune III diamond pick?
  4. I have a great fortune 3 diamond pick... it also has eff 4 and unbreak 3 so i love it. :)
  5. I have a fortune III pick - wait for the auction or make me an offer ( its gunna have to be a very good offer to avoid the auction )
  6. I offer 1000 rupees
  7. Make that 2000r
  8. I'm poor on rupees.
    Can I trade it with half a stack of diamond blocks? (Or if I manage to sell it. then I can give u 10,000r)
  9. Depending on how used it is and assuming it's diamond I'd offer 4k for it.
  10. @nnnnmc1: why would i give it to you so you can sell it?! :)

    @NurglesRott: 4k is less than I would get for it in auction - so no
  11. I'm not selling the pick. I mean if u want me to pay in rupees. I will sell my stuff. (my diamonds) and get the rupees to pay u
  12. I think ill just wait for the next auction.. in retrospect I shouldnt of mentioned it :D

    but now I have its not just Fortune III
  13. i'll wait for it :)

    Unless I got my own before that. lol
  14. 2 hours until closed - bid stands at 5000r

    (just as this got a little off topic)
  15. Auction closed.

    @NurglesRott - there is a chest set up for you on the first floor of my shop
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  16. Nice - thanks! I will pick it up in about 12 hours from now... just got to work. What SMP are you on? Is 1223 your res number?
  17. SMP3
    That is where d1233m resides.
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  18. I found the chest in the second floor of your shop behind a door which had an access sign for me on it... but I couldn't buy it... it says shop is out of stock. Did you put the item in there?
  19. The item info was correct and it wasnt used ( which was the problem last time ) - i think selling enchanted items is still a bit broken