Auction: Efficiency V, Unbreaking III Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. Unused.

    Reserve price of 2500r. (If you are unsure about how auctions work, I'll add the rest.)
  2. Well I'll throw 2500 on it just to see...
  3. Forgive me for being noob on enchantments but the pickaxe has both enchantments on it yes? That must have took a LOT of XP. :)
  4. Level 49 ME

    Both enchantments, one tool. :)
  5. Oh, I thought you were going to say
    "Looked at thread
    Saw no Fortune
    Looked away"

    As you normally do.
  6. yeah.. but what if i got it for 3k... would be awesome
  7. dream deferred
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  8. awww
  9. *ahem* 5k
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  10. 12 hours right?
  11. Yes. So you get a pickaxe then? :p
  12. darn.. that was totally a vanity bid for you to get moar money XD
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  13. I did one of those.

    For 25K.
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  14. lol... well you are paid. im going to sleep now.

    and now i remember that bid

    it was against me

    l:{ mustache man... not happy
  15. No, I did another one of those.
    And I won the bid.
    I did not want the pickaxe though. :(
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  16. well i wanted this pickaxe.. so no loss.
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