AUCTION: Efficiency Pack

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  1. 2xEff IV
    1xEff V
    All Brand new and Diamond

    Bid Starts at 450r
    Minimum Bid increments 250r
    Auction ends 24hrs after last bid.

    AUCTION CLOSED HERE due to incorrect location...Mods please Close
  2. darn this was meant to be in the AUCTION Thread...Can a mod please move it?
  3. Moved it for ya. :)
  4. Could you delete the other one?
  5. Also Auction Not closed Sorry!
  6. Come guys this is worth at least 2-3k
  7. PIGGY is laeding with 2k!
  8. Im making sure you get your money worth. :)
  9. Ninja Boy Has Won! Please pay 3k... I will then set you up a chest!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.