Auction: Efficiency III Unbreaking III Fortune II Diamond Pickaxe.

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  1. Ok so this is my second post on the pickaxe, and I have a few added things--

    * Starting bid: 5000R
    * Minimum bid increment: 1ooR
    * Voting will end 24 hours after the last bid
    * I can set up a chest for you or bring it to your lot. (Im on smp3)

    * Non-payment will exclude you from future auctions
    *I would prefer serious bidding as opposed to messing around with me
    * Rupees only! (Unless you've got an amazing offer in items!)
    * The pickaxe is 100% unused!

    Note: There is a reverve price
    Bidding begins in 5 seconds. [5 seconds later]
    Bidding begins now.
  2. 5500K plus 64 diamonds if your interested.
  3. i bid 6k, no items (he's messing with you with his 64 diamonds offer, i just know it XD )
  4. I was thinkin... you dont tell what pick-axe it is... just pick-axe?
  5. Sorry :) its diamond.
  6. Infact it says diamond in the description
  7. I might just have missed it , my bad
  8. I'm not
  9. sure..... i believe you..... maybe...... possibly...... not
  10. If we could keep to the bidding. Hunter 9012 currently holds highest bid at 7000r.
  11. Since the bidding has surpassed 12 hours the pick goes to hunter9012 for 7000r!
  12. Alex =) the pick has TECHNICLY allready sold, Im just awaiting payment
  13. Ooopsies, didn't refresh before I posted :p