Auction: Efficiency III Diamond Pickaxe

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  1. Hello Everyone:)
    As it says in the title it's a efficiency level III Diamond pick it has only been used one time to try it, starting price is 1000 rupees:)

    * Bidding ends 12 hours after last valid bid
    * The winner of the auction will pay me the rupees and then he/she can come and get the pick
  2. So no one wants to bid:(
  3. Come on?
  4. Come on, please it's a really good starting price:)
  5. I think the trouble with Eff picks without unbreaking is that they dont last very long... maybe thats the problem
  6. Yeah, I wanted to enchant it with unbreaking too but I don't have enough xp and you can't give efficiancy another enchantment:(
    But I'm still hoping for someone to bid:)
  7. ill put in 1500r
  8. im on itunes right now downloading some things, ill be on in a sec to pay you and retreive the pickaxe, what smp server should i come onto?
  9. Smp1, i'll set up a chest for you when you paid me:)
  10. ok, one sec