[auction] efficiency 3 unbreaking 3 fortune 1 diamond picks * 25

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  1. This is an auction of Twenty-Five identical diamond picks, unused, with efficiency 3, unbreaking 3, and fortune 1 on each of them. They are all enchanted identically.

    Starting price must be 10,000 rupees. This is 400r per pick, a steal in my opinion.

    Minimum bid increase is 1000 rupees, which equates to 40r per pick increase in price.
    You can increase your bid beyond that, but for the sake of clarity, I want it to be an even tens number, IE no bids ending in anything other than a 0.

    This auction is being posted at October 14, 2012, 11:00AM my time (pacific time)
    This auction will end at October 21, 2012 11:00AM my time (pacific time) meaning a 7 day auction.
    At that time I will sort through any and all bids, and announce a winner. Keep in mind I may take up to 24 hours to do so, I will do so, I will not abandon this my first auction, but be reminded I may take up to 24 hours to do so. I have a life and as we all know lives can lead to distractions and problems.

    The winner, if any, will have 48 hours from notice (I will start a conversation on boards to announce to the winner) to pick up the picks from an access chest directly to the left of the spawn-in on my residence on SMP5. Anything left in the chest at ANY TIME besides the picks will be removed, and after 48 hours the access sign will be removed. If the picks are removed before the deadline, the access sign will be removed when I notice such event has passed. This is a pick-up chest, not a personal storage chest.
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  2. aha, forgot to mention. the access sign will not be placed until payment in full is made by whom I notify as the winning bidder.
  3. Four days left.
  4. about one and a half days left. Nobody wants them for this price?
  5. about one and a half days left. Nobody wants them for this price?
  6. Under 8 hours left. I'm wondering if nobody wants these, that's kinda surprising...
  7. Hyratel won.
    Since we are roommates all the complexities can go out the window, and we can coordinate things face to face.

    auction is over.
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