auction efficiantcy 4 diamond pickaxe!!!!

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  1. *minimum over 350
    *minimum bid increasment 50 rupees
    *if i say you win pay mje and ill leave a chest for you on res 2202.
    :) happy bidding:)
  2. 1k.
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  3. 1250
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  4. any more bidders :) keep up the good work
  5. :cool:ill keep this up till Thursday 4:00 California time :)
  6. Okay, i think its done now?
  7. sry its still goin who every bids 1700 gets the pick
  8. dude, srsly: You said the end is on Thursday at 04:00 California time :confused:
  9. sry but since no1s bidding i extended it
  10. tell tuesday 4:00
  11. that someone has bidded is irrelevant. if you set an end date and someone is bidding after this end date, it should be ignored. whatever... i know on which auctions i dont bet in future >.>