Auction:EFF I Unbreaking I diamond shavel

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  1. Please don't place a bid if you are a supporter,give new players a chance!

    Only rupees are accepted,no item trading!
    The starting price is 20 r (1 r)
    Bids must be increased by 5 r
    The auction will end after 24 hours or the price has reached 400 r(220 r).

    Place your bids here plz
  2. Price reduced to 1 r!
  3. no this is unacceptable 125 and stay away!
  4. 150 rupees
  5. I told you to stay away 170
  6. ITS MINE MUWHAHAHAHAAH sorry had to do that 180
  7. It's just Eff I and unbreak I
    :eek: :eek:
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  8. I think u guys already reach the sky. LOL
  9. well i'm out enjoy the shovel blood i have another auction going
  10. 250r I'll give it to my great friend nnnnmc1:D
  11. Whoops I ment to say 200r
  12. This is a lvl 1 enchantment, its only worth the diamond price really
  13. Really ok no earl I cancel my bid
  14. Its a slightly rare lvl 1 enchantment, but you can get it or with a pretty low level at least