[Auction] Dwight's Pebbles

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  1. Once gaint boulder that shook the earth, these pebbles littering the battlefield of the SS war are now reduced to being common garden rocks.
    Dc of Dwight's Pebbles
    Starting Bid: 5000
    Minumum bid: 1000
    Auction Ending Time:
    24 hours after last valid bid

    Funds from this auction are going to the player 's event fund!
    Pickup Location: smp5 10004
    *Discloure: Normal items, only renamed; for fun
    All proceeds will be donated to the event prize pool.
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  2. With these Chin's sticks and these stone I shall break all the bones!

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  3. 30k
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  4. I ... thought I knew you... 40k
  5. 41k for the win
  6. For the cause...50k
  7. You do know me... that's why I'm now bidding 55k
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  8. Auction ended.