[AUCTION] Durability III Diamond Pick

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  1. There will be an UNUSED Unbreaking Diamond Pick up for auction! The auction will start first of all, with 100r. There will be a 1 day waiting space between each bid, such as if one fellow Minecraftian bids 101r, there will be one day for another to make a higher bid. Otherwise, this auction will end with the highest bidder by the end of the day.

    This Pick is located in SMP1 of Empire Minecraft. When the auction is over, you will meet Wayra_Giygas (Myself) in residence, "536" or, "Antinanco_Ness" (My brother, IRL) and he will inform me upon your arrival. Please PM us-- I really don't like uninvited guests. We'll place a chest for you to claim your prize!

    Quickly! Spend your Rupees on such a lovely piece of jewlery!

    NOTE: For those who have no information on what an Unbreaking enchantment is, it is simply a longer-lasting pick. Since this is diamond, This will add great numbers of uses to this pickaxe to all of your mining trips! Take great care of this bejeweled tool once it becomes yours!~
  2. kinda not the right format but you seem to have put the same info as the correct format also could you add a picture
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  3. 100r

    Item: unbreaking "1" picks
    Start price: 100
    Increments: at least 1r
    End of auction: 24 hrs after last bid
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  4. ok

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  5. ok then i bid 200r assuming dwight was bidding if not then its still 200r :D
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  6. Edit unbreaking 3
    Meet on smp1 536

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  7. so we meet again
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  8. 400
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  9. This is looking good for you-- you might get this pick after all.
  10. You win-- next time you're online, come to res 536 and get your diamond pick from me. I won't make it into a shop, though. :T
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