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  1. Auctioning off an EMC Treasure Voucher and 2 Valentine's Gift 2013 Roses

    Minimum Bid: 333r

    Minimum Increment: 333r

    Auction ends: 33 hours after last valid bid

    Pickup: 4254, or I can deliver for a 20r surcharge.

    Note: EMC Treasure Vouchers can be redeemed to an Admin for a free vault page, and allow you to go over your rank limit (members can get 2, iron 3, gold 6, diamond 101. I think those #s are right.

    2nd note: Valentine's Roses are no longer redeemable, and are now collectible/auctionable only

    Edit - removed bonus items - Bigdavie
  2. for you: 6k
  3. 12k
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  4. 16k :D
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  5. Unfortunately you can't add bonus items to an auction. A moderator will need to remove that section from the OP and make this auction for the voucher only. :)
  6. i thought you could have bonus items as long as they are known to the bidders
  7. They shouldnt be known to bidders as it might affect the bid. Bonus items should remain a secret until the auction is over, then the owner will tell the highest bidder that they have won something extra as well.
  8. I think it's the other way around :p

    As long as the bidders don't know, it won't influence any bids. It prevents people from being able to auction grinders or other wild locations - which could happen before - by adding it in as a bonus with an unbreaking I wood pick. :)

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  9. i was thinking if the bonus's were named off yeah it would effect bids but they know the items they bidding extra on and its like auctioning multi items.

    then if you say i got secret item that winner gets, it would effect bidding in unknown ways and is not ligit. i did this on my first auction and had to get max to take it off.

    but if you say nothing and keep it secret secret and give to winner its fine.

    i figured the multi item auction and secret secret item would be fine. because couldn't you pretend all those items said were in one chest and be told im selling these things in this chest to you. just like selling an enchanted armor set or something
  10. I will allow this auction to continue. FrozenForgers bid of 17500r is the current highest and if this bid wins FrozenForgers will receive the bonus items. Any further bids will be for only the treasure voucher and the roses only.
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  11. also the added bonuses in this auction are worthless lol so i don't see whats wrong. should have just split the auctions up, probably could have made more money.
  12. 18k :D
    lol no more bonus items
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  13. The bonus item rule was implemented as players were making auctions with the bonus of an item that was not allowed to be auctioned. There were several enchanted wooden spade auctions with the bonus of a grinder. To make the rules simple we decided not to allow any bonus items.
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