[Auction] Dragon Stones and Fragments

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  1. I heard both of these will have a use later on in the final Dragon Tombs update, anyway getting to the Auction...
    Item: 64 Dragon Stones
    64 Dragon Fragments
    Starting Bid: 50k
    Minimum Bid Increment: 1 Entire Amazing Rupee
    Auction Ending Time: 48 Hours after last Valid Bid
    Pickup: Utopia at 5744

    If you want some of these goodies in smaller quantities go to 5744 on utopia and get some xD
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    Lots of Drag Frags and Drag Stones for sale!
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    Remember there are 64 Dragon STONES, take 9 dragon fragments to make 1 stone. This is worth A Lot...
  4. I waited 47 1/2 hours to have some bid on me. I wont lose this lol
  5. lol luckycordel You Can DO IT!!! Or come to my shop on utopia @5744...
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    140K Going once...
  7. Will luckycordel win this AMAZING auction for 140k? These are worth tons of rupees, normally dragon stones are orth 10k each, that's 640k plus dragon stone fragments! Who could resist this sweet deal? You could make an excellent profit here!
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    Did luckycordel win or is it still going till like 7 p.m tonight? Yeah i think thats right. Coming up towards the end, get these amazing emc promos !
  9. Final Bump before the auction possibly ends, come and get your dragon stones and fragments!
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