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  1. Starting Bid: 570k 570,000r
    Bid Increment: 5k 5,000
    Auction Ends: 24 Hours After Last Valid Bid
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  3. Can you explain the text in the bottom left corner?
  4. When you right or left click a Dragon Egg on your residence, it will be auto-placed in your inventory (rather than having to pick up a broken block like you do normally) and it will come up with a message saying "You have reclaimed your Dragon Egg". If somebody else tries to reclaim a Dragon Egg on your residence, it will tell them that only the owner of the residence can pick it up. I hope this helps ;)
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  5. Only the owner of that res can claim the dragon egg, so if you claim it (remove it from the ground) that text will show up.
  6. This is still an auction please try and keep it to bids only, if you want to know something PM me.
  7. I will bid, but the startings bid is to high.
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  9. Starting bid soon high! :)
  10. *sooo
    (I thought there was an edit button?)
  11. There are no edit buttons for auctions so people do not change their bids once they have posted them. We also want to keep all posts to bids or auction-related, so please do not comment saying his starting price is high, because for an item like this you expect it, and if he gets no bids then he knows in himself that he can change it.
  12. ther
    e is no edit button on the auction pages, and please as ive said bids only not any other comments, if other comments please PM Me
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  13. Well, if the egg is worth that then not really, but ehh
    Not in auctions I believe :p
  14. Money has been paid, with the 50 Dollar Addition, please mail the egg to me :)
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