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Discussion in 'Auction Archives' started by jackomighty, Jun 3, 2013.

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    • One Dragon Egg (Not an original)
    • Starting Bid- 100,000r
    • Minimum Bid Increment: 5,000r
    • Monday, June 10th at 12:00AM (CMT 6:00+)
    • Go for it, it's a week long auction!
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  1. Why not start it off with 100,000 rupees :0
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  2. 105,000
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  3. 120,000
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  4. Dayum! 200,000!
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  5. Have we claryfied what the dragon eggs do yet besides a glorfied shovel / land protection.
  6. I believe most people do not want it for the features, but simply for the aspect of owning an egg.

    But those are the 2 real "features" of the egg currently planned.
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  7. The almighty Aikar commented! *Gasp
  8. Whoops, almost forgot about this xD I guess Moe wins with 250k! congratulations, Ill set up an access chest tomorrow and message you.
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  9. Jackomighty!!
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